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About us

Klimatkollen (Climate Checker) is a Swedish open source platform visualizing climate data for citizens.

We believe that data transparency and citizen engagement are key to generating the public pressure needed to make sure local governments and companies cut emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.

As proud winners of the 2023 Google.org Impact Challenge, we will be scaling up and supercharging our citizen platform with AI, allowing us to add corporate emissions data and new features to analyze and compare climate action across local governments and companies.

Read more about the project here (in Swedish).

Our team

Frida Berry EklundFrida Berry Eklund, Co-founderSenior climate communications specialist and co-founder of several climate initiatives, including the international platform, Our Kids’ Climate. She’s also an author and public speaker, as well as a EU Climate Pact Ambassador and Climate Reality Leader.
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Ola SpännarOla Spännar, Co-founderSenior marketing and communications executive, previously head of Communications and Campaigns for the Swedish Centre Party, program director at Berghs School of Communication and Account Director at Forsman & Bodenfors.
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Elvira BomanElvira Boman, Tech LeadTeach Lead at Klimatkollen and Full Stack Developer and Engineering Physicist at Precisit. Extensive experience in green and circular tech at multiple award winning startups and part of the leadership team at IT consultancy firm Precisit.
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Alexandra PalmquistAlexandra Palmquist, Climate DataEnvironmental scientist with a focus on climate and corporate data. Previous experience with the UN in Latin America, now well-established in Stockholm's tech startup scene to drive climate transition.
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Want to use your skills for climate impact?

We are currently looking for people that share our vision and want to help us grow. We’re especially interested in AI aficionados, data visualizers, UX specialists and climate data scientists. Please write us a message at hej@klimatkollen.se.

Interested in taking Klimatkollen to your country?

Drop us a line if you want to hear more about us or collaborate. We are especially looking for co-funders and partner organisations in high-emitting countries, with an interest in climate data transparency and using tech and AI for good.

Klimatkollen receives support from Google.org Impact Challenge

Klimatkollen receives support from Google.org Impact Challenge

In November 2023, Klimatkollen was one of two Swedish recipients of the Google.org Impact Challenge: Tech for Social Good.

During 2024–2026 we will build and integrate AI solutions into our platform, allowing for more and better climate data availability for citizens, increasing transparency of municipalities, governments and companies to cut emissions in line with the Paris Agreement.

A key focus of the project is to increase the public availability and transparency of corporate climate data, making it easier for citizens to know if a company is in line with the Paris Agreement, or not.

Companies are part of the problem as well as the solutions to climate change. In 2019–2020, large and medium sized Swedish companies emitted a whopping 250 million tonnes of CO2, five times the amount of our territorial emissions.

There is a big gap between what companies say and what they actually do, to bring emissions down. And it is hard for ordinary citizens to know what’s greenwashing and real action.

Our AI solutions will increase both quantity and quality of climate data freely available to citizens, driving interaction and action both on and beyond our platform.

Want to know more? Please drop us a line at hej@klimatkollen.se.

Klimatkollen today

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Klimatkollen gives citizens knowledge about how Sweden’s 290 municipalities are tracking compared to the Paris Agreement. We do this by presenting essential climate data in a simple and shareable format.

Our data comes from a mix of sources, such as governmental databases, research institutions and other public sources, like Wikidata. We also enlist the help of citizens to crowdsource data.

We use communication and visualisations to make data understandable, media outreach to contribute to a fact-based climate debate, and collaboration with partner organisations to inform and engage citizens.

We work through – and with – partners across civil society, the corporate sector, media and research institutions. See some of our partners below.

Klimatkollen was founded in 2021, by Frida Berry Eklund and Ola Spännar with the support of WWF, ClimateView, Klimatklubben, Argand, We Don’t Have Time and Våra barns klimat.

Klimatkollen is a platform for – and by – citizens, and we welcome contributions through Github and Discord.

If you want to support our work, please do not hesitate to contact us via hej@klimatkollen.se.